Outside the Box and Outside the Brain


Thanks to Joseph Pelling for making his video available at Vimeo and to Superbly Human for bringing this into his Twitter stream.

We used to go to work. Now we’re all creative innovators thinking outside the box 24/7. Creative dreams to all for the New Year!


One Response to “ Outside the Box and Outside the Brain ”

  1. John. Great video. Thx for sharing. They touch on this in the video – and, as complement to the video, here’s link (http://www.ideaconnection.com/articles/00151-Think-Inside-the-Box.html) to an interview with Micael Dahlen (author of Creativity Unlimited) on the subject of “Thinking inside the box”! A bit confusing, for sure…yet such are the paradoxes we all have fun with. Happy New Year. Ben.