The purpose of Cross Collaborate is to serve as a learning resource for all those involved in shaping or influencing governmental decisions. It provides an introduction to core concepts and methods of public policy collaboration as well as commentary on leading issues and innovative practices. The site will soon add online learning to enhance the use of collaborative methods.

Governance today intertwines the public, private and nonprofit sectors in the management of public policy and the delivery of public services as never before. The sphere of governance revolves around partnerships, interagency agreements and cross-sector efforts of many types. A thorough understanding of collaborative techniques needs to be part of the core knowledge and competence of every manager, leader, advocate and citizen involved in any way in public policy and the process of governance. em>Cross Collaborate will explore both the advantages and limitations of collaborative methods to provide guidance on their appropriate use.

I’m John Folk-Williams, the publisher and editor of Cross Collaborate. Since the early 1980s, I’ve been a practitioner and writer in the field of public policy collaboration, interest-based negotiation, mediation and the involvement of citizens in the decisions that affect their lives. A site like this is itself a collaboration and will involve the contributions of numerous other practitioners, leaders from all sectors and talented writers and teachers.

Above all, an effective site depends on the interaction of everyone drawn here to learn and share what they know. Learning itself should be a collaborative enterprise.


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Hi, John –

Your references are very helpful. I’m hoping to add a lot about particular cases and programs, so I will read the materials about the water case. I’m sure the insights from that case will be perfect for a post here. I’ll be in touch about various ways we can collaborate.

Thanks for your comment — John

John, I love your blog. Each post is interesting and provocative. Thanks for the mention of the book etc. I’ve got a new study out called Unlocking Government on Monday which will hit on many of these issues. Lets stay in touch.

Thank you! I look forward to that study.

By the way, I discovered the Journey to Success map at your website. That’s one of the best visualizations I’ve ever seen – just amazing! – and a fine outline of your essential points. I’ve got to find out which software tools were used to make it! Congratulations on that.


Each year, hundreds of public entities,from governing bodies, elected chief executives confront changes of administrations and new appointments due to newly-elected and appointed public officers, confront and must quickly engage in the process of government organization and management transition. Useful resources for government transition may exist but probably buried in the academic literature. Cross Collaborate should either include or expand coverage for government transitions.